The Process

What To Expect For 
Your Appointment

Step 01.

Set Up An Appointment

To set up an appointment you will need to do the following: 
1. Have a referral from your doctor
2. Be ready to give us your insurance information

Once we have your information, we will contact your insurance company to find out how much it will cost for you (we don't believe in hidden fees, especially for our patients). After we let you know and you are ready to proceed, we will set up a day and a time for your exam.

Step 02.

Fill Out Our Patient Intake Form

Want to save some time on your exam day? You can request the patient intake document through email and bring it to your appointment. Or, you can visit our office before your appointment and pick it up there. 

Step 03.

Prepare For Your Appointment

Some appointments may require some beforehand preparations in order to get the most accurate results. To find out if that includes you please navigate to our services page or you can call our office.

Step 04.

Exam Day

We understand that getting exams done can be stressful in more than one way. Here at Advanced Ultrasound we do everything we can from your entrance to exit to make your appointment as pleasant as possible.

Step 05.

Get Your Results

Since our office focuses on Ultrasound specifically, you can get results in 48 hours. Convenient, right? We think so.

Our Expertise.
Your Health.

Looking for the best & quick Ultrasound without a long waiting time?

Since our office focuses on Ultrasound specifically you can get results in 48 hours.

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Advanced Ultrasound Care is an El Paso based Ultrasound Specialist. Our office only offers Ultrasound services and our knowledge and expertise allow us to provide results in 48 hours at an affordable cost for our patients.
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